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Inner Vision Feng Shui


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Inner Vision Feng Shui offers a range of services
to support the needs and aspirations of those who want to live and work in creative partnership with their environments.

Inner Vision Feng Shui provides:

After Photo

Bathroom in Wealth & Prosperity area of Bloom Restaurant, Interior Design: asi design studio, New York

“The consultation with Melissa was an eye-opener.
She encouraged us to express ourselves, and she respected our values. She established
trust with us, much like a doctor, and we found it easy to open up to her and tell her about our lives.

Private Consultations

A private consultation is a powerful and inspiring opportunity to explore your specific life issues, desires, goals, and vision. In-depth and insightful, an Inner Vision Feng Shui consultation will help you transform your environment to reflect balance, comfort, and harmony.

The 90-Day Transition Program. Though a single consultation is beneficial and will produce results, the 90-Day Transition Program provides ongoing support over a period of time to help you implement the recommended solutions and integrate Feng Shui into your daily life. The program includes the initial appointment, one follow-up visit, and a one-hour telephone call.

Telephone consultations follow the same process. During the telephone consultation, I review your goals, the floor plan, photos, and offer recommendations. You’ll receive an illustrated bagua and written summary report.

For all clients, I recommend a follow-up visit (“chi check”) six months to a year after the initial appointment to balance the chi and ensure that you’re achieving the outcomes you desire.

What You Can Expect

Upon scheduling an appointment you will receive an introductory letter with thought questions to consider regarding your home or business and areas of your life you would like to enhance.

During the Inner Vision Feng Shui consultation, which ranges from 2 to 3 hours, we’ll discuss your answers to the thought questions. After a tour of your home or office, I'll make recommendations that balance the chi of the space and address your needs.
After the consultation, you will receive:

A bagua (or map) that shows how your home mirrors aspects of your life and illustrates the recommended solutions to your home or office environment.
A written summary report that describes the recommended enhancements to your surroundings. This report is especially helpful if you choose to transform your living or work space over a period of time.

One follow-up phone call to answer your questions.

Additional Services

Space Clearing

The chi in our homes and offices often becomes stagnant, which can adversely affect our physical and emotional well-being.  By clearing these stuck energies, I remove the cause of obstructions and help clients gain clarity.

The process:

I use a variety of tools to clear and transform stagnant chi, resulting in energetically balanced spaces that look and feel better.

Real Estate Services

Through the application of Feng Shui principles, I help home buyers identify their ideal new home and home sellers sell their homes more efficiently and quickly.

The process:

  • For sellers and buyers, I conduct a Feng Shui consultation of the home and property to balance the flow of energy.

  • For sellers, I “stage” the home so that it appeals to prospective buyers. This may involve furniture placement, decoration, redesign, and specific Feng Shui solutions.

  • For buyers, I first implement Feng Shui solutions in their existing home to facilitate the moving process. I then visit their top 2 or 3 prospective homes to evaluate their Feng Shui potential.

Fees can be paid by clients individually or folded into the broker’s fees.

Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui offers effective design solutions. Furniture, layout, colors, and artwork all play a significant role during our consultation. I use my interior design skills to make recommendations that marry your personal tastes with Feng Shui principles. I strive to include furnishings and accessories that you already possess. There are times, however, when a solution calls for a change in décor or you would like a fresh start.

The process:

While I do not act as a contractor, I advise you on décor choices that best meet the recommended Feng Shui solutions. I’m available to shop with you for furniture and accessories, fabrics, floor and wall coverings.

Before and After Photos:

Now that you know about my services, learn how you can benefit from a Feng Shui consultation.