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Inner Vision Feng Shui helps individuals and families, students, medical offices, small businesses, architects and designers, and corporate clients who want to improve the quality of their lives, enhance their productivity, resolve business issues, and address special challenges and stumbling blocks.


Is this you?

  • You’re not comfortable in your home anymore. You’ve changed, but your home hasn’t changed along with you. Instead of   being inspired by your surroundings, you’ve become complacent. You find that you can’t seem to move forward in life.

  • The clutter is so overwhelming, it’s depressing. Do you save things for a rainy day or hold on to clothing in case it comes back into fashion? Perhaps your possessions have taken over every available space. If so, your home may actually be blocking exciting new opportunities from entering into your life.

  • You’re experiencing family or relationship issues. Perhaps your home reflects one person in the family more than another, or you lack a special space that’s designated just for you. As a result, you’re feeling marginalized or taken for granted.

  • You’re feeling deprived, as if your glass is only half full. Your life is a struggle. Prosperity and abundance seem like only a   dream that others are fortunate enough to experience.

  • You’re looking for your perfect home, but you’re overwhelmed with doubt. Although the price of a new home may be attractive, something about the home doesn’t feel right. How do you know if it’s the best home for you?

  • You want to sell your home and enhance its curb appeal. First impressions really matter. You’ve read there are special techniques you can use to make your home more salable, but you have no idea how to begin. Also, some members of your family are having a hard time letting go of your existing home.

  • You’re a student living in a dorm, and you can’t seem to work effectively. Small dorm rooms that serve as both living and study areas can be confining and full of clutter, affecting your emotional well-being and academic performance.

Inner Vision Feng Shui consultations help residential clients achieve these positive results:

  • An attractive home that feels good and reflects who you want to be

  • Enhanced personal chi and clarity

  • Control over your environments

  • Healthy relationships

  • An efficient decision-making process that results in a home you love

  • A home that attracts buyers

  • Feeling more abundant and prosperous


Do these stories sound familiar?

  • You have a home-based business, but you find it hard to focus. Your surroundings are distractions that are beginning to affect your productivity.

  • Your small business is understaffed and cramped. Each day feels like an uphill battle. Work spaces are doing double and triple duty, resulting in a lack of efficiency and focus.

  • Your business is slowing down and you’d like to breathe new life into it. Your shop is on a side street and doesn’t attract as much street traffic as you would like.

  • Your company is having staffing issues. People aren’t getting along, and they’re complaining about their cubicles. Productivity is declining.

  • You’re doing well now, but the office still has that functional “just starting out” look. The décor doesn’t reflect your   prosperity, but you’re wary of making a change. At times, you wonder if this resistance is having a limiting effect on you, your staff, and potential clients.

  • You practice medicine in an office that looks and feels impersonal and clinical. You have a sense that patients would benefit from a warmer, more healing environment.

  • As an interior designer, you want to maximize your contributions to your client. You’ve put off learning about Feng Shui, but you don’t want to dismiss principles that may benefit your clients’ well-being.

Inner Vision Feng Shui consultations help business clients achieve these positive results:

  • An office that projects your goals for success

  • Optimized business location

  • Improved employee satisfaction, communication, productivity, and retention

  • Design and graphics that align with your mission

  • Comfortable, safe, attractive décor

  • New customers

  • Increased cash flow

  • New business opportunities

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