Inner Vision Feng Shui
Inner Vision Feng Shui

My Approach

I take a personalized, client-oriented approach. I don’t subscribe to cookie-cutter, by-the-book practices. I consider each client to be unique and deserving of personal and individualized attention.

I respect the needs, tastes, and beliefs of my clients and encourage them to express themselves creatively during our consultation.

I follow up with clients. Because Feng Shui is a transformative process, I don’t leave clients in the lurch once the consultation is over. I’m available to offer guidance as needed.

What Makes Me Unique?

I offer a multi-layered approach by integrating Eastern and Western principles into my Feng Shui practice. To this end, I offer practical Form School solutions from the Western perspective, Eastern-oriented transcendental solutions, and classical Compass School Flying Star Feng Shui.

I practice Feng Shui with a designer’s eye. Trained in Environmental Design, I worked as an interior designer in New York City. As a certified Feng Shui Redesign consultant, I facilitate the Feng Shui design recommendations in ways that support my clients’ needs and aesthetic preferences.

I provide a written summary report for each consultation that lists my recommendations. I recognize that consultations provide clients with an abundance of new information. A written record of our meeting is a helpful reference.

I offer a 90-Day Transition Program to ensure that clients will experience lasting benefits from their consultations. Understanding that it takes time to absorb new information and implement solutions, this program supports clients in the follow-up process to help them integrate Feng Shui into their daily lives.

I travel a spiritual path. My commitment to spiritual growth forms the basis of my approach to life and informs every aspect of my work.

Guiding Beliefs

Feng Shui promotes inner growth and transformation. My vision is to help people live more peaceful, harmonious, and prosperous lives. My responsibility is to be of genuine service to my clients.

Feng Shui should be as accessible as it is transforming. My goal is to make every Inner Vision Feng Shui consultation enjoyable, motivating, and useful.

Now that you understand my approach, learn about my services.